Polina Klepko and your yoni massage

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When the woman learns to enjoy with her vagina

Can eroticism be combined with yoni? Polina is a yoni masseuse and her erotic charge is divine.

The yoni massage is the last frontier that the woman has to free herself from the stress of an oppressive society. It is a growing trend but difficult to know the statistics of those who practice it. Society still sees in the nude only a bad eroticism and has no interest in spreading them and fighting them. The yoni is a very ancient practice and its meaning in the Sanskrit language is synonymous with female genitals, with female pleasure. A feminine pleasure where you should not give, but only let yourself go to have significant bodily and mental benefits. My name is Polina Klepko. I'm a 30 year old erotic model from Ukraine. I like to promote sex positivity and body positivity. I feel this empowers me. I'm also a yoni massage therapist. It's a great way for women to get pleasure. Many of them are not aware of this technique and I think they are missing out a lot on this. So, I want to promote yoni massages too.

Polina Klepko and your yoni massage

What are the advantages of yoni massage? De-stressing, recovery from traumatic experiences, increased orgasmic potential, vitality, creativity and a deeper connection to the body. How do you promote the nude to women who do not have your splendid body? I don’t think there’s such thing as splendid body. We all have different bodies. All shapes and sizes are perfect. My way of promoting nudity is by showing my body with full confidence. I think other women should do the same regardless of their shapes and sizes.

Polina Klepko and your yoni massage
Do you think religion affects nudity or using the naked body to feel good? It does. The mainstream religions prohibit nudity. Claim it’s sinful and wrong. And that modesty is only when you cover yourself. Why naked only in photo sessions? Why don't you have a naked style even in your daily life, or naturist when you can? I dont have a naked lifestyle because I’m not really a naturist. Yet. But I don’t have anything against naturism. Actually I think naturism is perfect. What is your erotic charge? My erotic charge comes from the Yoni massage.
Polina Klepko and your yoni massage
You too can do it like Polina, nobody sees you, and the positions will benefit your mood and your body

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