Claire Mundy"

Claire Mundy: I have and very much enjoy nude art

My name is Claire Mundy, I live in sunny north devon, im 31 and have been a model for over 3 years now.

Experiences? I have seen many differant cities and worked with many amazing people

Claire Mundy

How did your career as a fashion model begin?

It all began when i met my partner who is a photographer, we decided one day to do some portraits of my myself, and i knew straight away that i really glowed infront of the camera, the rest is history so they say!

What are your most significant experiences?

I have had some great experiences during my time as a model, i have seen many differant cities and worked with many amazing people. Claire Mundy

What photographic genre do you like best?

I am very much enjoying art nude at the moment, I love to be able to look at a picture and say to myself im very proud of that!

Have you done or would you do Nude Art? How would you define your Nude Ar?

I have and very much enjoy nude art. It shows the womens body as a piece of art

Which female characteristic do you like to highlight in your photographs?

I have very long blonde hair, i love to show this off in my photos.

Claire Mundy

What kind of clothing do you consider the most seductive for your photographs and what colour underwear?

You cant beat a expensive set of lingerie. Red and black are very much my favourite colours.

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy traveling around to differant places, everybody is so nice in this industry,full of interesting stories to tell.

What sports do you practice and what are your hobbies?

I have to be honest i dont play many sports,I do however live in such a beautiful place that i do alot of walking.

Claire Mundy

What is your secret dream?

Im very happy with my life and the way it is right now, Im very much enjoying my career and if things stay the same then i am happy with that.

Can you describe your charm for us?

I always give 100 percent into the shoots i do,im very professional but at the same time i no how to have a good old giggle!

What is your favourite outfit?

I recently bought a red underwear set from ann summers with lots of straps on it, i adore it.

Claire Mundy


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interview by Peter Kayakerweb 30 ottobre 2017