Pregnant love

Pregnantlove? A new ladies service escort

In Europe there is a new sexual tendency: to do it with pregnant women. Pregnantlove, in the Netherlands, is the only agency offering pregnant escorts.

Wath is?

What is "pregnant ladies service escort"?

All the ladies are pregnant which offer the service; every man has a dream to have sex with apregnant lady and I'm the very first in offering this in Europe. It's a golden market.

Why should men prefer pregnant womanto have sex?

Because it's only 9 months avable... the belly gets bigger and the breast fuller, curves turn men on.

What woman's indentity is available? What's the price?

Age between 18 and 37, blonde, brunette, red and black haired... weeks 14 till 38 pregnant. Would you be interested in investing in my company?

So these women available would be home to men? Explains how the service would be.

Well I'm based in the Netherlands but when travel costs will be payed we can travel all acroos Europe.

What did men enjoy during sexual intercourse? What identikit for man?

The softness of the body and the curves full breasts, milk, positions; most men between 20 and 50 use this service.

How do you publicize the service? How do you find the customers?

Here on Twitter and in newpapers advertisements.

In advertising admitted?

Yes, very ecplicit.

How successful is your initiative?

Very in busy for 3 months now and in big profits already. Thank


interview by Pikappa 6 november 2017