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hello, I would like to dedicate interview article for CoverGirl blog, thanks

If you are a sexy girl and want to showcase yourself like a real covergirl, answer some questions about yourself. Be original, send me 15 or more photos of your artistic nude, met art, sexy, all different.

  • Can you introduce yourself? (your character, where and when you were born, where you live, your education, your interests, etc..)
  • How did your career as a fashion model begin?
  • What are your most significant experiences?
  • What photographic genre do you like best?
  • Have you done or would you do Nude Art? How would you define your Nude Art?
  • Which female characteristic do you like to highlight in your photographs?
  • What kind of clothing do you consider the most seductive for your photographs and what colour underwear?
  • What sports do you practice and what are your hobbies?
  • What is your secret dream?
  • Can you describe your charm for us?
  • What object do you adore the most?
  • What do you like most about your job?
  • In what new location would you like to portray the woman of 2017?
  • How important are charm and intelligence for a girl who wants to be an up and coming model?